Mahmoudi Scholarship

The Mahmoudi Scholarship for Justice

The Mahmoudi Scholarship is an effort initiated by the Cambridge-based Ward & Brown Foundation and supported by the Oxford-based Zambian Gems Foundation. The scholarship is designed to encourage participatory action research in justice.

It seeks talent irrespective of background in order to assist young scholars to advance justice as a means to build a global community based on unity and oneness.

The annual scholarship celebrates 15-18-year-olds who demonstrate academic excellence coupled with an exceptional approach to research and education projects that advance access to justice on community level.

This scholarship offers one full term’s tuition and accommodation fees at selected secondary schools in Asia and Africa. Interested candidates must submit an application for the annual scholarship by 21 August. Following review by an independent panel, the results will be publicly announced on 27 December each year.

For more information and to receive an application package please email the scholarship panel.

To contribute to (individuals) or support the fund (institutions), please email the scholarship administrator.

About the Scholarship

The Mahmoudi Scholarship for Justice is established in honour of one of the most impactful and multitalented couples in contemporary Iran.

Jinous Mahmoudi was the first female Iranian meteorologist who headed the country’s National Meteorological Organisation, a part of Iran’s Ministry of Defence. Raised in an educated family, her mother was a teacher and her father a publisher. Jinous studied physics, was a proponent of equality of rights for women and men. She advocated a healthy lifestyle through her translation of books on veganism and yoga. She produced the Geographical Atlas of Iran and led some of the most advanced and ground-breaking research in her industry. A mother of three, she offered in-depth workshops for youth on significant trends of the time, including the cause of justice.

Houshang Mahmoudi was a documentary filmmaker and an educator. In his earlier years, he established an exemplary secondary school, and became known as a beloved educator among youth. He established Iran’s first children’s edutainment television program and coined phrases that shaped new approaches to parenting and family life. A passionate lawyer, Houshang penned a number of important books, articles and poems that demonstrated his dedication to justice as a fundamental element of the new world.

The Mahmoudis served on national governing bodies of the Iranian Baha’i community. Following the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Houshang faced enforced disappearance on 21 August 1980, and Jinous was executed on 27 December 1981.