Education Workshops

Rights & Relationships Workshops

The six-week-long sessions for adults include training in:

What are emotions?

  • Feelings: identifying and understanding them
  • How do we manage and communicate our emotions to others
  • Living our best life

Truthfulness and trust

  • What is truth?
    • How do we live truthful lives?
    • On post-truth times
  • What is trust?
    • Trust and trustworthiness
    • Belief in society and process: letting go of now and trusting ‘becoming our best self’

Resilience: what does it mean and what is it good for?

  • Types of resilience:
  • The role of shame and shyness

Power of thoughts I:

  • Dealing with challenges:
    • Trauma
    • Abuse
    • Healthy vs. normal
    • Self-empowerment
    • Triangle of seeing me, other or holistic view of causes to help break the cycle of victimhood

Power of thoughts II:

  • Creating opportunities:
    • Systematic approach to self-development: learning the process of becoming our best self
    • The  prerequisite of developing one’s self
    • The importance of reciprocity in relationships
    • Culture of sharing:

Re-establishing intimacy:

  • Fostering healthy relationships with families, neighbours, colleagues and friends

Initiative in action:

  • Identification and engagement with our environment
  • Learning to value the ‘other’ as equal and harmonious to one’s self

Gender norms: what is healthy and harmonious?

  • Cultural
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Biological
  • Normal
  • Healthy

C3 Camps: The Best Way for Children to Learn Coding 

Why C3?

Because our method helps children develop the right coding and character skills

What is C3?

A research-backed educational camp where children learn about coding through discovering their hidden powers; the three fundamental human capabilities of love, knowledge and will. These capabilities are essential to a healthy life for every child as they grow into adulthood.

How does C3 work?

Learning to code (or computer programming) is a necessary creative skill for the 21st century. Like reading and writing, coding helps the younger generation organise their thoughts and express their ideas in new ways, learn to solve problems, design projects, learn to work and share with others, and develop skills that will help them build a foundation for success in school and beyond. Coding also provides a means to strengthen literacy and math skills.

While there are many coding camps, at C3 we know technology is a tool and not the aim of life. In fact, the rise of technology has highlighted the need for what some call the ‘rehumanification’ of each person by acquiring the necessary soft skills, like consultation, empathy and cooperation that help us leave a better life. These and other skills help technology users, especially the younger generations, to increase the impact of their learning.

We offer term camps and school clubs that help 8-11 year olds learn the foundations of coding, develop their ‘hidden powers’, and advance their own on- and off-screen projects in a collaborative way.

What sets C3 apart from other coding camps?

  1. Complementary trainings for carers of 8-11 year olds. Many coding camps simply focus on the child, but we know from experience that children learn best when adults who care for them also gain the right skills to accompany them. This is why at C3 we also train interested carers of 8-11 year olds to ensure everyone gets the best results from their investment in educating their young ones.
  2. Our research has shown that technology literacy is essential to success of our children. At C3 we train children to gain the  skills to make the right choices on- and off-line.
  3. C3 is a social enterprise. With the rising levels of poverty in London, many children can only dream of learning about coding and will continue to fall behind educationally and economically. When you enrol your child in C3 you enable another child to learn coding with C3 during school terms breaks.

To find out more and to register for the next C3 Camp please contact us.

Our C3 camps were selected to join the EDUCATE programme. Led by the teams at UCL IOE Knowledge Lab, EDUCATE is a unique programme that connects Ed Tech entrepreneurs, practitioners and researchers, and uses world-class research to inspire the design of high-quality learning products and services. It enables entrepreneurs and start-upslike ours to develop and grow, creating world-class products and services that work, are effective and fit for purpose. EDUCATE links educational technologists with researchers, learners, educators, mentors and experts in business and product development.

EDUCATE is a £4.5 million programme, part- funded until 2020 by the European Regional Development Fund and its partner organisations: UCL Institute of Education, UCL Engineering, BESA, F6S and Nesta.



To find out more and to register for our sessions please contact us.