Our Story

Throughout our lives, we are influenced by those around us, most notably so during our childhood and early teens. The primary and indispensable role played by our parents in our upbringing cannot be overemphasized and is widely acknowledged. We often give less credit to the unique position held by educators – not only in the subjects they teach us – but also in our formation as a mensch.

The Ward & Brown Foundation was founded as an expression of gratitude and appreciation to all those who have had an influence in development of the next generation: more specifically in honour of loving teachers who make every difference in the life of their students.

Founded in 2018, The Ward & Brown Foundation will serve as a source of inspiration for all those whose lives are touched by its activities to treasure in their hearts the contribution of their educator, to their upbringing and the resulting effect on all stages of their lives.

A non-religious and non-political entity, The Ward & Brown Foundation is based in London and Cambridge.

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